Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Real Experiences vs Taught Experiences

A taught experience can only inform of the perils you may be faced with only logistically. You can be told it will hurt, you can be told what effects it will have on your life.

The best way we learn things is with emotional tagging. It embeds things into us a great deal as we become emotional vulnerable and able to have our logic constructs rewritten.

A real experience has all the facets needed in order to make a huge impression on a person. It has the emotional trauma, the detailed emotions that go into it, the detailed consequences that you will live out.

So if you really want to learn something... go do things and get the experience. I can only tell you so much but you probably need to feel it.

If I said that being shot really sucks and hurts really bad you would not be fully aware of what it actually is like as the details are lacking and are not a common experience you feel all the time. Sometimes you must be burned in order to feel the full fury of the experience and have your life changed forever. Hopefully in a positive direction but we can only hope so much.

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