Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Solving relationship or social problems

People are designed with defense mechanisms to prevent ego failure as well as other exploits that could be taken advantage of. So in order to make a point well you must make it their point. To do this you can do some of the following:

Flip the script: ask them how they feel about others doing the things they are doing or similar.

Socratic questioning: Ask them more about their position so it is drawn out plainly to see for them to see that it is just that bogus. In the end they either prove their point well, prove they are wrong to themselves as well as you, or prove that they are insanely dense. If the last situation happens, it is best to not bother with that concept or thing they are talking about as they are using cognative dissonance to resolve the issues they have with it.


  1. I am in progress of doing that. You can see this work and future work over at www.concepthut.com under the username thoughtstrider. It is my new website. I needed more capabilities and user interface abilities.