Friday, October 7, 2011

Women are like cats

Women are like cats...

If you pester them they never want petted or held. If you leave them alone they will come sit on your lap and put their ass in your face.

OK OK...that was a bit graphic but women really are like cats. Not all of them but most of them to an extent. Let me explain...
When I was a kid we had cats. The cats would always bug my dad because dad never bugged the cats. He got attention from them because he wasn't a clingy crazy person that stalked them.

Me and my sister however always messed with the cats. They never ever came to us but always hid from us. Because we were stalkerish and clingy and they didn't like it.

Women are like that. They don't want a crazy clingy stalkerish guy following them around. They want a guy that has his own life and doesn't make her his entire existence....because that is super creepy. A man must leave the woman alone and let her want him.

You can't force love. You must accept or deny it. Those are the only choices. Force isn't one of the options.

If a woman wants to leave you...then let her. She will probably want you back if you drop off the face of the earth as soon as she dumps you or says to go away. She will wonder why you aren't sad. She will want the attention back. She will seek it out. If you keep ignoring her she will pester more and a point. Then she will give up and go elsewhere.

This is almost on the lines of not being able to change someone....almost.

So if you like a girl...don't be stalkerish and clingy...its creepy and weird. Would you really like a girl doing that to you? No probably not. It's like having a hair stuck in your eye all day and not being able to get rid of it.

So if your stalkerish and clingy...STOP IT!!!

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  1. interesting....does it work if the gender are reversed?