Monday, October 10, 2011

Paid Slaves Concept

Sometimes when you have a job you will still feel like you are trapped. I like remembering the days when people could plant seed on their farm and raise their cattle and whatever they wanted so that they were self sustaining. Now these days you are forced into doing whatever you are able to at the time. You can't buy up a chunk of land for a decent price and make your own way through life. Now if you don't go to school you are stuck in the wasteland of low paying jobs that treat you like a slave. You are paid just enough to keep you alive. The wages are enough to keep you around so that they don't have to train someone shortly after you get hired then quit.
We are paid slaves. We no longer are allowed to live by the laws of nature but are forced into paid slavery as you cannot escape the corporation machine that runs over the masses.

Go to school or suffer forever. You can strive to the top but it is a difficult and tedious task that will take hold of your entire life and strip you from being able to be truly happy with family and friends.

The pieces of paper that they call degrees and such are designed to filter out those who are not adequate or are extra special. However we all are unique and get more filtered out by the corporations as they sort and pick and chose resumes. They don't even pick by the best they pick by the most eye catching at first then later focus on details.

If you don't look good enough or don't stand out in a unique way you will be forever under heal. We are but paid slaves. The Amish and tribes are the only cultures left without a paid slavery type mentality. They work for what they get but they don't get screwed over because of number games and bad timing.

We all pretty much sell ourselves and our time. Some sell their strength. Some sell their mind. Some sell their body. Some sell experiences. We all sell ourselves in order to make money to survive. We are all prostitutes.

Contract companies make this especially easy to see. You will see a person at an engineering contract firm being rented out to another company.

The contract company is pretty much your pimp while the company you end up working for is the john and all the while you are the prostitute doing the dirty work. Most of the time contract workers are even seen as subhuman and treated poorly.

So when you are at work and are pissed off... realize that a vast majority of human kind never gets to escape that reality.

You are being paid to be frustrated. Once you understand that you will be much more at ease.

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