Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Life changes...roll with it

Older people seem to live calmly and happy and without a care in the world. Why is that?

They have gained enough experiences in life to cope with whatever comes at them. (for the most part)

We can only deal with things if we have a coping system in place to process the situation. The more experiences you have in life the stronger the coping methods you will devise on the fly. Sometimes you will have to work hard to figure out solutions to your problems. (solutions - coping methods)
Life is going to throw the weirdest things at you that you would never expect. That is OK. You will live most likely. If you are going to die, you might as well learn to deal with it. (devise a coping method)

We all want to be happy and that is what we have to figure out. How to find the things that are still available that can make us still happy.

If you are dying you probably still have your favorite TV shows, family, favorite food, etc. You will find things that you can savor in the moments of pain.

If you are depressed you can see new premiering movies, go to concerts, comedy shows, dance, listen to music, go hiking, etc. You still have things that can light you up because you find extreme joy in them.

Job failure? Fix your problem that made you get fired. If you got laid off then go find a job. Most likely you can fix your problems and most likely you can find a job of some sort. I'm not saying that either of those things are easy to do. Those things are hard as hell to do. You still can do them however and preserve your sanity and life in knowing that in the future those things will exist.

The key to most things is knowing that emotion rules all. If you act desperate you will fail at jobs, relationships, friendships, etc. If you act depressed you will suffer at everything in life.

The key that old people have found (the happy ones at least) is that life is going to mess with you. It is the job of life to mess with you and to temper you into a sword of immense strength by the time you die.

The other key is that they learned that expressing frustration and anger and desperate behavior and any other negative personality traits that induce negative emotions into people will harm others which in turn will harm you. Your best bet is to stay positive, remain calm and progress confidently. If you still fail then you have done all you could.

  • Calm
  • Positive
  • Assert yourself with confidence
If you do all three of those things then you will most likely be extremely happy and easy going.

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  1. I've just now discovered your blog. And in the nick of time too. Thank you so much for sharing all that you have!