Friday, September 16, 2011

Mr. or Mrs. Right?

Mr. Right, Ms. Right, The one? Is there just one?

This question is asked my millions of people everywhere. The answer is definitely no. It all comes to a point of perspective. For instance if you find your mate then live with them for the rest of your life enjoyably you will say they were your Mr. or Ms. Right. That however doesn't mean that if that person never had found that person they wouldn't have found another to enjoy their rest of their life with or until that point in time when you ask them.

Do not expect to just wait and find the perfect person and then date them. You will never find that person if you wait to find that person. You must actively keep connecting with those of the opposite sex. This will help you learn about yourself and about others. It will help you learn what you are truly like and what others are like. One example never fully covers the spectrum of a group. You must take many samples into account before making a decision.

I have the opinion of seriously date at least three people before you get married. Get intimately close to them. That means you could have dated 20 people but seriously dated only three of them. Going on two dates is not serious dating. Dating for a year or a few intense months is serious dating. You need to know the ins and outs of people. You need to know yourself.

I know that I did not and now I have learned my lesson. Now you get to learn from it.

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