Friday, September 23, 2011

We all are different

Look for the longest time I figured that logic dictated everything. To a point it does but we all have the logic used in different ways. We all are different. Get used to it. You can't change people. They must change themselves.

Let's say that one guy likes to play video games. Another likes to play sports. One always nags on the other as to what is better. Neither. Both are just as acceptable depending on who you are. We all like different things. I like a ton of things but dislike a few things that generally most guys like. I don't really care either because I am me and they are them. I am my own and so are they. We all like different stuff and it doesn't matter. Just accept that each has their own reasons in doing what they do. So if you can't figure out why those darn kids are skateboarding all the time and they can't figure out why you want them out of your driveway you should think about this concept.
We all like different things so you got to just let your frustration go. You can do it. I trust that you can. If you can't then I can't make you. I would just have to accept it.

Others doing what they do is interesting because we all can't like everything. We all can't do everything either. It is cool to learn of things others are doing and watch others doing interesting things they like to do. It is an amazing world so just accept that we are all different and always will be. Enjoy those differences and learn new stuff.

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