Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nature vs Nurture

Since this topic is what actually forms who you from the beginning we can start here.

Let's first define the terms.

  • The physical world and how it operates without mankind interfering with it.
  • Genetic dispositions of a person which affect personality, physical growth, and mental capabilities.
  • Influences of mankind or nature that mold and change the outcome a human being. 

    When you are born you were born with genetic dispositions. The characteristics of your mother and father were formed together. Some traits stayed while others did not. Things like height, gender,certain instincts and personality traits. Some traits are more easily defined such as depression, bipolar, and other widely known issues that deal with a persons personality and how they filter life.

    There are some pretty large things that the nurture aspect can bring to the table. When you think of nurture you think of happy things. This is not always true. It basically is being influenced in one direction or the other.

    Some things that nurture can do that are not so good:
    • Abuse patterns
    • Coping systems
    • How to treat your partner in a relationship
    • Daddy issues
    Some things that nature dictates dispositions like if you learn best by visuals, hands on, or by reading, or by oral dictations.

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