Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Master Key to Life

It took a long journey to find the master key to life. I hope it will serve you well. Fully understanding it will give you the purest form of empathy you can obtain without being a pushover. It gives near perfect decision making ability to you. It will open your eyes to why all that has happened, all that is happening, and all that will happen is the way it is.

For you to understand this concept you will first need to understand what Nature vs Nurture is.

For a long time I wasn't sure how logic and emotion really worked together. I had been doing a lot of research into why we do things. I have done this research into myself, others, resource materials, etc. for years. Finally I figured out the master key to life. The thing that makes everything understandable.

Think of a child. They are born with what nature gave them. Their genetic makeup and dispositions. It makes them who they are. If you watch them you see that they do everything to entertain themselves. Everything they do is to make themselves feel good. Anything else is because they are forced to by instinct.

So here is the key...
Every single thing a human does is purely driven from an emotional standpoint using logical constructs to further its development or to keep it from going in a negative direction.

Now as soon as I say this you will either agree or try to argue. When you do either you are using this master key. If you wish to agree you are agreeing because you feel that logically it connects to everything you see and this makes you feel happy. If you disagree and try to argue it is because logically you do not understand it or it does not improve your emotional well being.

Here are some things I have figured out so far.

Instincts are logical constructs we are born with. This would be similar to BIOS on a computer.

Every single human being is born with a lattice structure to build upon. The latices all are extremely similar. Because of genetics we all end up with a slightly different lattice but they are all going to be extremely similar. We are then born with some logic constructs upon that lattice. At the core of this lattice is our emotion. The logical constructs that are from instinct coupled with the nurturing effects we obtain from our immediate surroundings from the point we are born to the time we die will form other logical constructs based on those two factors.

This means that human beings are a complex formula and that we all try to remain above a value of 0. We are constantly trying to devise ways to safely advance our logical constructs in such a way that we can progress our happy emotions and its value forward or at least maintain it. If you hit 0 then you will kill yourself. If you are nearing 0 this is why most will reach out for help without realizing it. The logical construct that is responsible for this is very close to the emotional portion of our mind. As we near 0 we feel pain. Pain is not a happy emotion. Because we cannot process the information when it gets so close to 0 we logically feel that it is nessesary to stop the degradation at all costs and to end the system before reaching 0 in order to maintain some level of happiness while still alive.

If a person reaches out and becomes placed into protective custody where they are unable to kill themselves then the mind adapts to the situation and makes a decision. It decides if the present logical constructs can form or adapt logical constructs to move away from a 0 value. If it cannot then it protects itself from further pain or degradation and basically numbs the mind or stops all unnecessary functions until a lower level construct can find a way to progress away from 0.

Most people are able to stay away from 0 and progress towards happiness as is rationally expected for a system of this sort to.

You can obtain pure empathy by understanding that everyone that does something that aggravates you is only doing as they are designed to do. They operate in same way as you do. They work with an emotional core using logical constructs to get to the happiest point possible.

The logical constructs will create an ideal situation in your mind. Then it will compare the realistic situation to the idealist outcome. Because we are all formed using nature vs nurture we will all have a different set of logical constructs.

In their mind they may feel that what you are doing is not ideal. They will do what is closest to their ideal as possible using the forethought they are equipped with. You will be doing the exact same thing.

This is similar to asking a person to tell you what color the wall is painted when they are clearly blind. If you become upset that they cannot tell you then you cannot properly understand that they are incapable.

So when someone does something that bugs you, you can think to yourself, they are not equipped at this point in time to do anything different than what they are going to do. At a later time they may have experiences that show their logical constructs a better way of processing information and therefore update the logical constructs. However at any given time, a person is not able to do any more than they are equipped to do.

So if you wish to influence a person you must feed their logical constructs pieces of information that will process in the direction that is closest to your ideal.

Knowing the master key to life makes things understandable however not acceptable as an ideal situation for your emotional state.

You can either decide it is beneficial to you to stay in the situations or not. You will always decide in your own favore regardless of how nice and helpful it is to everyone else that you did whatever action it is you did.

You don't have to like things, you just have to understand that they are what they are because they cannot possibly be anything else at that point in time.

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