Sunday, August 28, 2011

Forethought Negatives

Forethought is mainly used to self preservation of the human body as well as a persons emotional state.

The forethought can be helpful as well as harmful. It becomes harmful when intellect fabricates an abnormal amount of assumptions. A lack of intellect can also cause an abnormal amount of assumptions.

  • With a shallow perception of the world you can only guess so much.
  • With a deeper understanding of the world you will guess much more.
In case 1 you are able to eliminate quite a bit of fear about life. In case two you conjure up more fear about life because you can see consequences that case 1 generally would get into.

Ignorance is bliss many say. If you do not have the ability to see pain coming then you will not worry. Sure the pain may come and it will hurt like hell but you won't constantly fear it. You will constantly be trying to have fun while in case 2 you are actually trying to prevent accidents.

  • Case 1 creates fun while not foreseeing problems
  • Case 2 stops problems while not stifling fun

It is difficult to find a happy medium.

How you can do this is by limiting assumptions you make as you grow more intelligent. Basically if you can see people in case 1 and what they do to cause problems you mainly just do those fun things and moderate yourself to prevent issues. Some things in case 1 you cannot do because they have such a huge possible impacts on your life.

Some examples:
  • You want to be able to take breaks at work. You want to relieve stress. Some may go all out and not care what management thinks. Some do not do anything and are scared of management. The trick is to figure out what you want to do in relation to how much management will actually allow without affecting your ability to keep the job and get raises.
  • You may want to flirt with girls at a club. You may fabricate all sorts of reasons not to. Is there any real reason that would actually harm you? Probably not. This is similar to thinking you will get the plague from going to Europe because it has a vague relation to Europe. So in this instance you would realize there is nothing to harm you and that if they aren't into you then it just means they are having a bad day, they suck, or hell you haven't learned enough yet. In any case you are fine and progressing towards being a fantastically charismatic human being. You must balance yourself.
You generally will be thinking too much or not thinking enough.

So figure out which one you are. Then push yourself to go the opposite way. If you think too much then side with what you want to do more than your over thinking selfs decision. If you don't think enough about the consequences, then try to be more careful in life.

In doing this you will calibrate yourself to a more centered decision making position.

For instance, I, the person writing this material deal with a mental issue that makes me want to land on even numbers and make everything perfect. This causes me a great deal of stress as a perfect outcome is unreasonable. It is ideal but the world is not idea because it is realistic. So when I pump gas I would really enjoy the price to end on an even not of some sort. Like the dollar mark, half dollar mark, a 10 cent increment, or even a 5 cent increment. Anything else and it bugs me and feels off. So I have started forcing myself to always randomly let go when the tank nears being full. This forces me to recalibrate and to become less stressed out in life.

To fix forethought and foresight you need to recalibrate by forcing yourself outside of your comfort zone and in the opposite direction of what you are inclined to do by habit naturally.

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