Friday, September 2, 2011

Emotion vs Logic

Emotion and logic are generally in a fight to see who wins. Honestly emotion always wins in the long run of the decision but in the short term the emotions can lose out.

For instance let's say that you are playing rock paper scissors or some other quick petty game. Now in this game you are going to play to figure out who gets to pick the movie of the night. So whoever wins the most out of five tries will win the movie pick. So let's say you start and it goes like this:

  • Lost
  • Lost
  • Won
  • Won
  • Won
So yes you started off crappy and losing 2 times in a row. Then you won 3 times in row. This means that you won the majority of times out of the overall times available.

It is a lot like this with emotions and logic. When you are deciding if you are going to choose an emotional reaction now knowing that it will bother you later you have used a common human element in terms of decision making. Assumptions.

Assumptions are the minds way of predicting variables that it can then use to weigh in on the situation. Generally the short term win is what the mind will go with because the variables are more concrete than the variables that you predict for the future in terms of negatives and positives.

However if you are determined in your logic that the variables in the future greatly outweigh the win in the short term then you can allow yourself to play a long game without fear.

Fear is derived from the unknown and how that unknown set of variables will affect you. If you come to the conclusion that you are sure enough that the variables in the future are known enough and that honestly you don't care about the variables in the future you can decide on the long game. This process of forecasting variables is called forethought. It can be helpful and sometimes not so helpful.

Please refer to forethought for that concept

Emotion can create logical things
example: Wanting to have sex will drive you to setup logistics
Logical things can create emotion
example: Losing a job can create a sad emotion while a promotion will create positive emotions

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