Thursday, September 1, 2011

How to Stop Hyperventilation OR Calm Down / Calm Nerves

There is a strange thing the mind and body have going on. The mind and body communicate and try to stay in sync. Generally the body will do what the mind wants. There is a way to get the mind to do what you consciously want and override the subconscious commands that are being delivered to your body.

Let's say you are hyperventilating because of bad news and you are now having a panic attack. You want to stop breathing hard and want to calm down.

Your body can force your mind to sync up with it. So what you can do is a breathing excessive.
Step 1
This can be done best by slowly breathing in through your nose until you have as much air in your lungs as possible. Then hold you breathe for 3 seconds and slowly let the air back out through your nose.

Step 2
Repeat Step1 five times or as many times as needed.

If you do this exercise you will notice that your calming down, you have stopped hyperventilating and your nerves have calmed down. This is because the body will have a relaxed, slow, and deep breathing pattern when the mind is at its calmest state. So using your conscious thoughts to force your body to do something that the mind sees subconsciously will change the subconscious to follow and sync up.

This can also work in reverse. If you are tired at a dance club you can wake yourself up by springing up and down a few times on your toes. This actions shows the mind that you are doing something that requires energy and an action that is most of the time done when you have energy so the mind complies and wakes up.

The physical body can tell the mind all sorts of things. This is a backdoor to updating your minds current setup.

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