Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Who's your daddy?" Concept

This phrase is taken by many to be very sexy and by some to be very disgusting.

I would like to clear up a few things so you can see the reasoning for this.

  • Men want to be needed. (please be sure to notice I said WANT to be NEEDED instead of need to be wanted or some other variation) 
  • Little girls are seen to be innocent and pure
  • Dads are seen as a strong male leader who dominates the family with sheer power and confidence
The connotation of daddy conjures up a feeling of the innocent power gap which is powerful when in terms of sexual adventures. No the man isn't thinking of the woman as a little girl and no the girl is not thinking of the man as her father. It is purely the power and innocents which drives such an emotional rush while at the same time leaving behind the pedophile / incest concept.

However everybody has different hangups and different fetishes. So if your not into this then don't worry. If you are then OK. Not everyone has to be into the same things. This just merely explains it.

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