Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Comfort Zone - Getting Out

Your comfort zone is the zone in which you tend to stay in. This provides you with reasonable amount of happiness as you are sure of the things in your comfort zone.

  • It would be things that you think are correct
  • Places you like to go
  • Things you like to do
  • People you like to talk to
  • Games you like to play
  • Food you like to eat
  • Other things you are comfortable with
This is perfectly normal. This just means that those things have already been validated that you know pleases you.
However if you stay in this comfort zone you are most likely to screw yourself out of many fantastic things in life.

It will disable you from learning more or having more fun. Most people are more towards more fun or are more towards intellectual things.

It is important to find what you are comfortable with and then push your boundaries outward. This can be seen as taking over territories in your own mind. Make it a game if you have to.

  • If you are all business then I would make sure to try new fun things that are not so strict and intellectual.
  • If you are all fun and have a hard time being serious i would try things that force you to be serious such as a class on something that involves intellectual things like engineering, mathematics, getting a structured job. Something that has structure to it.
It is important to balance your emotional well being as well as your logical integrity. This is the ying and yang of a persons self. Try to monitor yourself enough to push forward and GROW. It is important to grow and keep your mind, body, and soul / heart in working order.

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