Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Love vs Sex

Love, sex, and sex with love. They are all different. Some say you can't have sex without falling in love. That is crap continued by people that have never had crazy sex with someone they didn't love. Just pure enjoyment.

Love is the addiction you have to someone. That feeling of awesomeness in your heart, mind and soul when you think about that special someone that has the same kind of happiness when you are around them. The same kind of joy. I say addiction not like an obsession where you are a crazy person but where the feeling of enjoyment arises when you think about the person or are around them or hear about them or has anything to do with them. It is not the constant thought of the person. Sure you probably think about them a lot but not constantly.

Sex is the great physical pleasure you have with someone you feel sexually/physically attracted to in a naked way. Where you want to touch and kiss all over them. Where you want to hold their naked body close to yours and feel them inside you or putting yourself inside them. The joining of two bodies for a blissful time.

Those are both separate. You don't have to be in love to physically enjoy another person.
However you most likely only come to love someone if you are physically attracted to them on a basic level.

You can like someone but not love them. That is possible.

Sex can be amazing with love or without it. So if you wanna hump the crap out of someone and they are up for it go ahead and have a good time, just be safe. Sex is more enjoyable though when you have hot sex plus intense love mixed together. The feelings become heavenly. So intense you lose yourself.

Note: Please cuddle with your partner it is great.

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