Monday, September 26, 2011

Emotional/Mental vs. Sexual Compatibility

Most people say don't have sex before you are married. Well that's a great idea and all for many reasons. For instance it will be a huge surprise...hopefully in a good way on your honeymoon night. Then there is the problem with having a kid that one person doesn't want and many other things.

You can be extremely compatible on an emotional/mental level and love being around each other but if you do not have the same sexual wants as your mate then you are going to have some serious friction in that marriage. Most likely it will break your marriage. Sex is intimate and a bonding experience not just pleasure for a married couple. The people that can't understand the difference between sex and love need to read about it.

The friction that is caused by two mates having difference in opinions about how much, how long, the quality of the sex, what kinds of sex, etc. will cause a marriage/relationship to breakdown. It is important that both partners have a similar (that doesn't mean identical) wants for sex in their relationship.

Women...not all men want sex all the time. Men...not all women like sex all the time. We all like it differently. The compatibility should be explored after the emotional and mental parts are figured out. Of course that is up to you but it works out that way often. You should definitely do that exploration before getting married for the rest of your life. It seems pretty bad but without that you might be in for a crappy ride and tons of arguments that leave each party feeling like their mate is not loving them and that their mate is retarded and or cruel.

In the bible it says at one point that the mans body is not his own but is his wife's and the woman's body is not her own but is her husbands. This means that whenever the other partner wants some they can have it. This works out pretty well. If you are up for it and have explored your partners sexual likes and dislikes and are similar then go for it.

You need to be compatible on both the emotional/mental and sexual levels or you will have some serious problems.

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