Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Your Decision, Your Consequence

Most people don't fully actualize the concept of what they do or decide having an outcome that it all of their problem.

If you decide to do something, it is your consequence and you cannot pin that outcome on someone else. You must fully understand this.

If you decide to be with someone, that is your decision. You are able to change it at will. If you decide to opt out of going to a movie with friends, that will be your consequence, not anyone else who benifits from you not going to the movies with your friends.

You must be aware that everything you do has an outcome / consequence to it. Do not delude yourself with thinking that the outcome isn't for you or that one isn't important enough to consider. Sometimes the outcome is useless to consider but often you need to think about it.

Think you making out with that girl in the club is ok because your gf at home is a cunt to you? The outcome of that situation is all your problem. You may not blame the outcome on your gf if she decides to start being an angel when you get home and turn around the relationship. Your decisons are also your consequences to deal with.

You may not opt out of this reality.

Want to drink and drive? This is a decision you made and the outcome is also all of your own to deal with. Didn't think it would end up in you killing someone in a car crash? Losing your license to a DUI? Losing your job because of the DUI? All of your fault.

You must be prepared for the consequences of your actions. They will own you eventually so it is best to understand the concept now.

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