Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Two People Inside You

Most people have two people inside of them. Some have more but that is a different story.

One is the asshole trying to end you and the other one is full of life trying to outrun the asshole trying to end you.

We are all our own worst enemies. Each person you see can be changed into all sorts of personalities. Our bodies aid us but in the end it is just a shell. Our personalities generated from the brain mounted in your skull is what makes you who you are. The decision must be your own what to do with yourself.

You either make it your goal in life to always kick your shitty self to the curb and rise above it and be awesome or you can be crushed under the boot of your asshole self that is trying to end you. I myself don't quite like the depression filled life the second option provides.

When you are feeling down, remember the good times in life and the awesome things you can do and have done. Remember that there is always two people in you and one of you has to outshine the other.

Which person inside of you do you want to win?

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