Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fortune Cookie Statements

Fortune cookies generally have a short message in them that is very cryptic and can be interpreted many different ways.

So when I say fortune cookie statements I am talking about statements people make that are short and cryptic and they think that you understand what they mean.

This is generally because people that have these statements are enlightened in the ways of life to a point where the concept they are trying to convey seems extremely simple to them. They think by saying this very short phrase that you will understand what they mean.

Some of those statements you will generally hear are:

  • There is a train coming
  • Common sense is not so common
  • Expand your pyramid of knowledge
  • Just be yourself
  • Women want nice guys
  • Women want asshole
  • Men want a slut
  • Men want a classy woman
There are many more you will hear. Many if taken at face value in their shallowest of meanings you will come away with the worst possible advice in the world. The statements are understandable with the background that comes with them.

So when you hear a phrase like this you should be wary of the shallow meaning you may take away from it. Most people do not realize they are giving you advice that means nothing at face value.

Old people generally do this because they have a ruler of life that is much larger than yours and to them your knowledge base can't possibly be that tiny. They generally forget that they once were in your position of life.

That brings us to another topic... Concepts - Shallow vs Deep

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