Monday, September 12, 2011

Concepts - Shallow vs Deep

Most concepts have a shallow way of viewing them as well as much more complex way of viewing them. Most people will view a concept in a shallow way. This is because the mind is designed to work efficiently as possible. We prioritize things. So we generally take a concept as quickly as possible. The people that process more data will view a concept more deeply generally than those that do not process very much data.

However even people that process a lot of data will end up viewing most of life in a shallow way. Sometimes we don't realize there is possibly a deeper reason to things or that we should even investigate to find out if there is or not.
Many things discussed in this guide are to give you an in depth look at things generally seen as shallowly viewed by most. It isn't necessarily a bad thing that people can't see these things or that they don't care. Do not judge those that do not care to look for deeper meanings. We all prioritize differently and that is a blessing.

Some people do not need to view most things on a deeper level because they have picked up the skills on a subconscious level and do not need to process them on a conscious level. Kudos to them for having a fantastic Nature vs Nurture experience.

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